3D Remote Control

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This project aims to come up with a new concept of remote control for 3D TVs.

The world of digital TV is continually evolving. In the past, the set top box market was on a peak but we are now on a turn. The 10th of June 2010, the first 3D TV appeared on the market. Broadcasters are now willing to offer a real unique experience to their customers. The idea to build a new design remote control comes from the huge improvement in terms of television and its multiple functionalities.

Nowadays remotes controls are pretty flat with hundreds of buttons. The prototype aims to break this paradigm by providing a sphere with a single press button. It is a totally new concept, designed for the news television found on the market. This project is the archetypal accessory to have a complete experience of the 3D if we want to use it as an inertial motion station.

The main objective is to design this prototype in order to have an overview of the product and the possibilities for the user’s experience. This work is just a basic prototype and the key idea for the following version of prototype is to develop the remote as an inertial motion station. The recognition of a lot of user’s movements should be increase the interest for the product. For the first version of the prototype the project will be done on a computer.

The prototype will provide an innovative way to control yours TVs. To do so, the shape of the prototype has been designed as a sphere which can be taken in a hand. It is composed of two distinct hemispheres which can rotate and get closer to allow a click button. The remote will permit to change the channel and to play on the volume thanks to the rotational hemispheres. It will also allow the user to display a menu and navigate on it. All the functionality of the remote will be individually tested on a computer. Indeed to develop an interface on a TV and to be able to communicate with it, its internal resources have to be known. This is for this reason that the demonstration of the prototype will be done on a computer. We have chosen to use a Zigbee communication between the remote and the computer.

To conclude on this project, the first vesion of the prototype has been made and can answer to the requirements. That mean to send basic command to control your TV to your computer.

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