Vortex Light Tube

Smartphone-controlled vortex light tube.

We can easily observe around us quite an enthusiasm regarding original light devices, especially which reproducing at a small scale some physical and metrological phenomenon. From this assessment the project vortex light tube was born. As it is mentioned in its name it consist in a lamp containing a small whirlwind.

Nowadays, an important part of the population is equipped with smartphones and tablets, more and more devices are becoming communicating and controllable from applications on electronic devices. By mixing these two observations we decided to merge them to create a communicating and animated vortex light tube.

Thus the purpose of our project is to create both a hardware, which is the lamp containing the vortex, and a software, which is an Android application making the lamp animated and playful. Indeed, we wished that in addition of the observation of the cyclone the user could also, thanks to the application, chose between two functionalities. The first one first allows you to control the LEDs manually, changing the colour and making the LEDs blink. The second would be an automatic mode, which creates light variations to warn about a notification. In this way, we add a decorative and leisure function to the basic function, which is enlighten.

To achieve this project we have chosen to use the Arduino language to program control the RGB LEDs, we have also equipped our Arduino microcontroller with a Bluetooth unit in order to communicate with the application on the smartphone.

Furthermore, the vortex observation will be enabled thanks to steam water.

Finally, we have decided to let the user use his imagination, indeed, the Arduino program enables him to add animation functionalities.

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