Condition Cars

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Condition Car is a project which allows the user to recover data from a car to an android phone and display it.

The android application enables the user to remote car’s data such as windshield wipers, light, fuel consumption and so on.

To realize this project we decide to make a partnership with the companies Segula which is a company specialize in automotive system. Their larger strategic objectives are to develop as many innovative concepts as possible and to stay at the cutting edge of the innovation. This company had already begin to realize a wireless communication inside the car thank to Miwi card. This card allows automotive constructor to lighten their car which is a new problematic for constructor.

Our android application is organize in four different groups: reporting, control system, security and parameters. To access to our application we have to place a password to protect the user’s data. When we decide to access to car data we have to pay attention to European standards which ensures the security of the driver. This application is rely to the main electronic thanks to a Wifi network.

The main electronic card which is also a server will convert data which come from the Miwi cards to be understandable by the wifi connection. Furthermore the main electronic card will process information which comes from the android application to select useful data to return them to the user. The data are encapsulated in frame of 32 bytes. This frame is organized in sort of that the identifier of the user are written in the first four byte, so many user can be connected to the electronic card of the car to have access to data.The main electronic card is composed of two microcontrollers one for each type of network (Wifi, Miwi) comes from Microship, as the Wifi module: MRF24.

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