Avoiding Drone

Avoiding Drone turns your drone into an entirely autonomous one able to detect obstacles.

Can you imagine a drone entirely autonomous ? Your dreams become truth with Avoiding Drone.

Nowadays, drone technology knows an exponential growth due to the demands by industrials to watch over their activities or even in their activities. That’s why we have developed a system able to detect and to bypass any obstacle on its way. Used in construction, surveillance and observation of damages done to buildings, infrastructure and other things as such, our drone is multipurpose and will meet your expectations at the best.

We have developed an auto-pilot, allowing people without licenses, to order the drone around. The system developed can be added to the drone, and has a front detector, giving the drone the ability to detect obstacles in front of him, and a rotating sensor, to scan the area in front of him and eventually to detect dimensions of the obstacle. This system can be adapted to all drones, we only have to change the software, to add the algorithms and commands for your special needs.

This project offers you many opportunities to control, survey any places you want. This innovation will pilot your drone smartly and easily, Avoiding drone is the first step that will change the way you pilot a drone.


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